super bowl player networking event

2017 Super Bowl Player Networking Event

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Over Super Bowl weekend I had to opportunity to travel to Houston for the weekend to have a little fun and participate in the 17th Annual Player Networking Event. This event is designed to assist players with their transition off the field and connect them with mentors, consultants and partners to set them up for success.

Throughout the afternoon I met and chatted with players (many who I didn’t realize they were players until my husband told me..LOL), and other guests of the event. It was so interesting to talk to these guys and hear what they’re looking to do in their lives after football, and it was even better to watch their eyes get big as I shared some of the capabilities that are available now for business/brand owners using tech.

Although my primary focus was to promote my this brand and my services, I also had my fashion tops & tees from my lifestyle brand.

I expected to connect with players, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that guests invited by players were able to attend as well, so I chatted with recent college graduates,  millennials looking to get into the social media marketing industry, videographers, content creators and others.

All in all it was a great experience, I’m working on a few “plays” for my business that will be rolling out in the near future as a result of this event.

Super Bowl Player Networking Event 2018 in Minneapolis? Maybe 🙂

Check out this recap video to see some of the happenings: