2020 Outcomes: Four C’s to Guide Your Successful New Year

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Happy New Year! I spent last few days of 2020 doing Orientation Sessions with business & brand owners from all over the globe reviewing their Content to Cash Blueprints, and it was so much fun! I’m looking forward to supporting even more business owners this year with achieving content clarity. If you’ve decided that 2021 is going to be your best year in business, this post is going to help you know what to do.

Prior to the lead up to my marathon of sessions I revised and renamed the product that is now called the Content to Cash Blueprint, because one of my goals this year was to elevate the level of service we provide for this product. I believe that 2020 was a year of disruptions, and opportunities sprung up as a result. Now that we’ve flipped the calendar to signify a new year, I have four outcomes from 2020 that I believe will help you have a successful 2021:

Clarity – Your business expands and contracts according to your level of clarity. Just like a customer won’t buy when they’re confused, recognize that you probably didn’t take the actions you intended to take in 2020 because you were confused. The best gift you can give to your business is your clarity.

Confidence – the Know, Like and Trust that you want to cultivate in your audience starts with your the level of Know, Like and Trust you have in yourself. When you show up to represent your business, you audience borrows from the confidence that you show up carrying. The question is, what level of inspiration are you inviting them into?

Content – I publish a column in my local newspaper, and one of my January submissions was about 2021 digital marketing trends. In the article I mentioned no digital platform could be capitalized upon we you don’t have something to say. In my opinion, the distribution channel matters, but the most important piece of the puzzle is having a flow of messages to publish. Content marketing matters.

Choice – 2020 did a number on us. This new year gives us an opportunity to choose how we will respond — with fear or with fortitude? 

I shared this conversation in a Facebook Live broadcast, you can watch the replay here.

The year will be whatever you are of it. I hope you take advantage of your opportunities to make 2021 amazing.