The 50x Game Plan for Business Events

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This post was inspired by a Facebook Live broadcast from Master Business Coach Aprille Franks.

I recently attended the 20th Annual Player Networking Event in Miami during Super Bowl LIV weekend as their livestream media consultant, which means I created and managed the distribution of their livestreaming content during the event. I attended this event in Atlanta in 2019, you can see some of the live broadcast replays on their Facebook page, Jack Canfield’s interview was particularly fun for me.

As a content creator and marketer I’ve learned how to stretch the limits of blogs, videos and livestreams to get my content everywhere without working as hard as I appear to be. Having access to the broadcast replays from the Player Networking Event (PNE), I already had a plan to maximize my content, but this blueprint takes my planning to another level. Check out the 5 C’s of the 50x Game Plan for Business Events:

CONNECTIONS — If at all possible, find out who the speakers will be at the event and other attendees so you can intentionally connect before the event. For PNE I had a very short list of breakout session hosts but I didn’t know which pro athletes would be in the room. My “umbrella” goal was to connect with as many interesting people as possible.

CONTENT – Aprille encouraged viewers to leverage the event experience, backdrop and the city to connect with media outlets and create content.  Give yourself a reason to create fresh, never-before-seen content AND develop your plan to extend your reach & engagement while you’re traveling. Since I had the opportunity to BE THE MEDIA during this event it wasn’t necessary (this year) to seek out media outlets before or after the event. During the event, VIPs, former players, executives were brought to the media room for live broadcast interviews.

CLIFF NOTES – When I attended Aprille’s EPICCON19 3-day event I purchased a brand new notebook for my notes. I knew that I wasn’t going to have time to digest what I was learning so it was important to take copious notes. When I returned home those notes became the roadmap for my business next level and I even used my notes as inspiration for content.

COMMUNITY – No business owner is an island, and we all need to have people around us that we can “get sharp” with and grow with. When you’re attending business events you’re immersing yourself into new a bubble, find the people that you can mastermind with. Since I was returning to PNE for the 2nd year in the same role I decided to parlay new connections into deeper relationships, and started forming community with the new people I met.

CASH FLOW – Use your experience to make money, get creative. The point of investing in the event is to be able to generate more money in your business, right? Being at PNE as the livestream media person was a goal of mine that I decided on in 2017, so while I was there I offered my goal setting training at an attention-grabbing price to my existing audience. After the event was over I began planning to create solid revenue streams for the future of PNE….I want to to be in the room for future event.

I’m a firm believer that it’s possible to start a business without spending money, but when you’re ready to grow, investing creates that growth. I’ll be implementing this 50x Game Plan while at the next business event I’m attending, and I hope you’ll apply these tips to your business as well.