Let's Do This! Together.

At Moniek James & Renegade Creative Media Group, we know you want to be a successful online business owner. 

That’s why we’re here.

We support hard-working, purpose-driven business & brand owners leverage their brilliance to build online businesses.

Our primary services include content strategy coaching & development, strategic planning and livestreaming.

Moniek James is the founder of Renegade Creative Media Group, a coaching and consulting brand that provides digital marketing services to organizations, entrepreneurs and small business owners. Moniek is a speaker and trainer focused on the areas of content strategy and business development.

We believe that success is inevitable with the right support and the mindset of continuous improvement.

We understand feeling like your message deserves to be heard and not knowing where to begin. That’s why we’ve developed a vriety of customized services that support business and brand owners like you, using proven content marketing methods and strategies.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Schedule a Clarity Call with Moniek to discuss your business needs.
  2. Learn in detail about how we can support your strategic marketing marketing activities.
  3. Choose the ideal solution for your business.
  4. Enjoy the freedom of knowing that you’ll be able to eliminate frustration and overwhelm and break through to your winning season. 

We’re looking forward to working with you and supporting your success! Click here to learn about about what matters to us and our perspective on the world.

Feedback & Reviews

VALUABLE, PRAGMATIC, INSPIRING information that will help us take our businesses to the next level from Moniek James & Renegade Creative Media Group today! Gracious, captivating, warm and capable of lighting fires under the most timid of…well, the analogy falls apart but the crucial word is FIRE. This woman’s passion is striving, succeeding and helping others achieve their goals. 

Lisa D.

Small Business Owner

“Awesome class!!! I have avoided Facebook for years and as a result did not know how to use it, but now I feel confident that I can effectively use social media to expand my business. Thank you Moniek!”

Taylor Watson

Reiki Practitioner