3 Tips for Better Live Broadcasts

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We see them everywhere – Periscope. YouTube Live. Facebook Live. Instagram Live.

Live broadcasting is clearly the hottest thing since Facebook, and marketers in every niche are taking advantage by hosting their own livestream shows and broadcast parties.

Some of them are good. They’re well attended, fun to watch, and you feel like you benefitted from attending. But some of them feel like they’re an afterthought, put together at the last minute, and don’t really bring out the best in the host.

If you’re thinking of including livestreaming in your marketing toolbox. don’t take your content lightly, here are 3 tips to help you have better broadcasts.

  1. Promote, Promote, Promote

On most platforms, it only takes a few clicks to start a broadcast. You can literally plan and start a livestream in just a few minutes, and sometimes the impromptu livestreams attract more viewers. Add a little planning and you’l be able to create a more seamless experience.

Let your private groups know about upcoming broadcasts, email your list. Publish a blog post. Depending on your broadcast topic, consider running paid ads if there’s the potential to grow your list or increase your sales.

You wouldn’t host a party without extending invitations to your friends, right?

     2. Interact with Your Audience

One of the biggest draws of a livestream is the opportunity to interact with the host, I liken this to a theatrical device known as breaking the fourth wall. Your viewers want to get to know you better, they want to get their questions answered in real time and they want to chat with other viewers. Take some time to chat it up with them, acknowledge their presence, and don’t be afraid to answer their questions. Even if it takes you out of the flow and you lose your place momentarily, it’s worth it to make viewers feel respected and as if they’re a part of the experience instead of being a passive viewer.  If your broadcast is available for viewing after the livestream is over, keep the conversation going in the comments.

    3. Rinse and Repeat 

You have a lot of options when it comes to livestreaming. Periscope, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram  all have their place, and I encourage you to try them all. But in the end, you’ll want to concentrate on what’s working.

If the audience you want to attract loves Facebook but can’t figure out Periscope, it makes no sense to broadcast there. The same thought process applies to your broadcast length, topic choices, and day and time you go live. You’ll want to test all the variables, track your results, and do more of what’s working.

Here’s what you don’t need to worry about when it comes to live video: Perfection.

No one expects you to look like a cover model or to speak like a news anchor. In fact, if you look too perfect, it might actually negatively impact your results, simply because your audience loves to feel connected to the real you. They know they aren’t perfect, and if you can show off your imperfections, it will help create a stronger connection.

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