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How to Brand Your Business Like a Champ

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The word “brand” can be confusing… we usually hear it in conversations about large corporations so it’s hard to think that this term can apply to micro/small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The truth is, EVERY business has a brand, even the small ones.

Simply put, your business brand equals reputation. It’s what people, those people that don’t know you personally, say about you behind your back. The behind your back part is important because people usually tell the truth when the person isn’t in front of their face…

I know what you’re thinking: I don’t have a reputation yet, how do I start my branding?

The branding experts, strategists, coaches will no doubt take you through a very detailed process to brand your business (nothing wrong with that, they’re professionals) that involves tone, target audience, your products, etc. However, if you’re in the early stages of building your business or learning the process of branding, there is a basic two-step method in business branding that we can learn from the playbook of the Champ himself, Muhammad Ali.

Check out this video to get the details:

If you’re planning to build a business that’s going to stand the test of time you need to focus on your branding. This post gives you the fundamentals to building a great brand for your great business.

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