Dealing with Bullies in Business

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Nobody is going to tell you this, so hear goes – the bullies you dealt with in school grew up and started businesses….and they haven’t changed.

Thus far you’ve done all the right things – you stay in your lane, keep your head down, mind your business, stay out of trouble, right? I hate to burst your bubble, but inevitably in your business you’ll be met with conflict, and you might find yourself asking, “Why is this happening to me?”

If you’re looking for advice on easy ways to avoid conflict, this isn’t the post for you. I’m here to talk about facing the conflict head on, because some conflict can only be resolved with opposing force.

Who was the bully in your school? Do you remember his/her name? If you were the object of the bully’s wrath, you probably do, and at one time or another you asked yourself why they wouldn’t leave you alone. You noticed that the bully didn’t really have any friends and you worked to change that. You tried just handing over your lunch money, you brought an extra snack for them, you tried your hardest to be their friend. You tried repeatedly to take the high road, to be the bigger person.

You soon learned that the bully didn’t really want friends – the bully just wanted to block, confuse, intimidate or harm you.

Here’s a hard truth – being the kid that will do anything to avoid the fight makes you the easiest target on the playground, because the bully knows that you’ll never hit back. Every day the bully gets you into their kill zone, and they attack.

As a business owner sometimes you have to be willing to go to war, because some bullies simply won’t understand anything else.

In the below video I discuss an excerpt of the book, The 50th Law, where 50 Cent and Robert Greene outline why avoiding some bullies isn’t always the best move:



If you lived in a world full of people as gracious as you this wouldn’t be an issue. But you don’t, so it is. The internet has been known to be fertile ground for bullies; prepare yourself as business owner so you’ll be ready to handle whatever is thrown your way.

Let the bullies and conflict-stirrers in your life know that you’re not afraid to set boundaries and take your power back. If you have a business buddy that’s being bullied share this post with them.

Ensure that your Greatness is bully-proof. Your business needs you to be the lion.