Business Marketing Lessons from Beyonce

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It’s the day after the Super Bowl and is anybody really talking about anything else except the halftime show??

I did a Periscope broadcast  about the model we see Beyonce following with regard to marketing her brand, I thought it would be a great addition to my #Loveyourbiz campaign where I’ve been broadcasting (almost) daily with tips to help you love on your business a little more. Beyonce is a master business woman, and there are amazing business lessons that purpose-drive business and brand owners shouldn’t miss, I believe that if we apply the marketing lessons to our own businesses we can succeed.

In case you missed the broadcast here’s a brief recap:

Knowing where’re you’re going is the first step. Once you have that goal in mind you backward plan your marketing strategy to get there.

Didn’t watch the video? Here’s a recap of the tips:

  1. Set your long-term goal. (boost tour ticket sales)
  2. Create your free “thing” to attract attention.(I talked about the video, but let’s not forget this)
  3. Offer your product. (halftime performance)
  4. Present your product upgrade. (concert)

I know, you’ve probably heard these tips before. But at what point do you start implementing the information to your business? Start today.

To Your Greatness,