How Do You Measure Support?

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My friends and family don’t support my business.”

I’ve heard these words more times than I can count from business owners. We expect the people in our immediate circle – family members (both near and far), friends, buddies, besties and the like to support what we do…and not just in private.

How do you measure business support?

We expect our friends and family to like our business page on FB, follow us on Instagram, retweet our tweets and share Periscope broadcasts. Oh, and we also expect them to tell everybody they know about what we sell and buy our stuff too.


If your friends and family did all of these things, they wouldn’t be friends and family – they would be customers.

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We entrepreneurs tend to see everything from the perspective of affecting our bottom line, but is that the only value that matters?

The video below is a snippet of a recent Periscope broadcast where I talked about the differences in meaning of support – because there are certain expectations that you are privileged to have with friends and family that are outside of the customer-seller relationship.


Can you call a customer at 2am to help when you’re stranded on the side of the road?

Can you call a customer to keep an eye on your place of business while you pick up your kid from school?

Can you ask a customer to help you move from your current office space to your new + improved office space?

I’m positive the answer (to all of these rhetorical questions) is no. But these are all ways that your friends and family can, and are inclined to, support your business. Not better, not worse than buying your product, just different.

You see, it’s all in how you measure….

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