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Chatbots: What Every Business Owner Needs to Know

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Are you an overwhelmed, super-busy entrepreneur? Do you wish you had more time to do practically everything in your business? 

Do you wish you had an additional team member but can’t afford to hire somebody? A chatbot (bot) could be your solution, this is what every business owner needs to know.

If you’re not tech savvy and not quite ready to go full-blown Jetsons in your business, a bot can be a smart alternative that can save valuable time. Even though removing the personal touch of your online presence could be a difficult decision for business owners that value legitimate engagement, a bot facilitates streamlining the social presence so customer-facing activities can be the focus. 

Over 3 billion people use messaging apps on a regular basis to communicate with friends and businesses, making messaging is the most preferred channel for customer service in the country over Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram combined. 

Platforms like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and Telegram can be used to facilitate bot conversations in this new age if instant answers for instant gratification. 

When you focus on using bots to answer basic, common questions you’re able to save a significant amount of time because you can automate tasks that don’t require a human. #timesaver

For example, if you have a “sticks and bricks” location, people likely ask all the time about your hours on any particular day or during the holiday season. With a bot, you can automate that conversation and free up your time for other income-generating tasks. 

If you already use social media, particularly Facebook, there is a built-in chat feature available and you may not be taking advantage of it yet. 

Facebook’s Response Assistant was rolled out in August of 2016 and allows users to see a message automatically when they initiate a chat with a business page.

Believe it or not, there are over 2 billion messages exchanged between businesses and users on Facebook every month, making it which means you can meet your prospective customers and clients where they’re already spending a significant amount of time. 

A bot can help any small business is any number of ways – handle customer service questions, recover abandoned carts, launch new products.

Here’s your disclaimer: a bot alone isn’t going to solve all of your business marketing problems. 

What a chatbot will do for you is amplify the marketing you’re already doing. If a fashion influencer in China can use WeChat to sell 100 Limited Edition Mini Coopers, your small business can leverage a chatbot to sell 10 additional units of your product, right?