Build a Consistent Business on Social Media

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In case you hadn’t noticed, everybody AND your grandmother is on social media. If you’re one of the 400 million users on Instagram or you’re among the 1 million active mobile social media users that jump on the bandwagon every day, being a business owner means you have to work extra hard to capture the attention of the people with whom you want to connect.

How exactly does one do that? How can you attract people to your profiles when there’s so much competition in their newsfeed?


In the minds of your potential clients and customers, consistency is attractive. Consistency sets you apart from the rest. Consistency is dependable; it can be trusted.

You need to have a consistent business on social media.

Consistency doesn’t only mean showing up online on a regular basis, it’s a key ingredient in building the platforms that your business will stand on for the long haul.

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There are four items of consideration when it comes to building a consistent business on social media: appearance, voice, presence and content.

Don’t believe the hype – appearance matters, and when people are deciding where to spend their hard-earned dollars, it matters a LOT. Do you have your business name and logo on Facebook and on Twitter you have a different name with your dog’s picture? That’s not a consistent appearance. Everything from your name, logo, colors, font, all of the visual aspects of your business should be the same across your social media profiles.

Do you use slang on one platform and present like a rocket scientist on another? That’s not a consistent business voice. You want your fans and followers to get the same experience with your business regardless of the platform, so find your voice and stick to it.

Does your Instagram account have tumbleweeds rolling through it? When was the last time you updated your business Facebook page? Far be it from me to say that every business should be active on every social media platform, but if you’ve signed up for that platform, USE IT! As a consistent business owner you understand that in today’s online world people can and will find your business through any number of virtual doors, and you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to connect with more folks every day simply because you haven’t taken the time to update your profile. You have to be present.

Lastly (but certainly not least), you should have something to say other than “buy my stuff”. The content that you share creates the context for your products and services, create opportunities to have conversations with your potential customers and clients so they know you care about more than a transaction. Social media is social first; when you don’t have anything of value to add to the conversation you get ignored.

[Tweet “What do you add to the conversation on #socialmedia?”]

Remember that the whole point of social media is to build an audience of interested (not necessarily ready to buy) people and nurture those relationships. The only way maximize this ability is to be consistent in your actions. One way that I manufacture consistency across platforms is to have a process for creating and distributing content. You can get my exact process in the Social Media Domino Effect Playbook.

Consistency doesn’t happen by magic; you have to plan for it. Use this playbook to help you create a consistent business on social media.


To your Greatness,

moniek james