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Six Essential Content Marketing Lessons You Need to Know Inspired by ‘Hamilton’ on Disney Plus

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Hamilton is on Disney+ and I’m beyond excited. The play brought fresh interest and excitement during its run on Broadway, and now it’s available for anybody with a subscription to watch on repeat. It is AMAZING. I recognized a few takeaways that every entrepreneur can learn from the hype around this film right now. Keep reading for six essential content marketing lessons you need to know, inspired by Hamilton being available to watch on Disney+.

🔹 Your creativity is your superpower. What if Lin-Manuel Miranda had convinced himself that nobody would be interested in learning more about Alexander Hamilton? What if he’d let imposter syndrome keep him from creating?

Lesson: The idea you’re sitting on could be the one that sparks a revolution, start the thing today.

🔹 If tradition doesn’t feel right, don’t wear it. Hamilton is a musical , but the diversity of the cast (George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are portrayed by black actors) and the rap numbers made this musical SHINE and stand apart from what we expect a musical to be.

Lesson: Somebody has to blaze the trail in a new direction, that person could be you.

🔹 Inspiration can come from anywhere. Lin-Manuel Miranda was inspired to write ‘Hamilton’ after reading this book. He said he saw ‘a hip-hop’ story and that Hamilton reminded him of rapper Tupac.

Lesson: Get out of your comfort zone and give yourself a new experience. You just might be inspired to create something great. Don’t be afraid to look outside of your industry to learn and find inspiration.

🔹The energy you want to create in your audience starts with you. The energy of this play/movie starts from the first second and doesn’t end until the final bow. As a viewers I couldn’t help but be pulled into the story and feel every emotion.

Lesson: If you want your people to be excited by what you have to offer, give them a reason to be excited! Show up like your thing is the greatest thing since a bread slicer! Lead, leader!

🔹 Create an experience around what you create. Do yourself a favor and go to the Hamilton Twitter account or choose any cast member or and look at their tweets from this weekend. They shared behind-the-scenes photos, stories and some Broadway culture to amplify the experience of watching the film.

Lesson: Post and run isn’t a content strategy – don’t let your content die after you publish! Deliver an experience that makes your content unforgettable.

🔹Document with the intent to distribute. The play was supposed to tour this year ( I was looking forward to seeing it in AZ this November), then the plan was to go to theaters in 2021. COVID changed everything. Since the plan was always to distribute on a different platform, several shows were recorded so those of us that couldn’t get to Broadway are now able to enjoy. When you begin with the intention to diversify your distribution, repurposing your content becomes much easier.

Lesson: Plan for your content to be enjoyed through multiple mediums. I’ve talked previously about Beyoncé doing this, check out this Facebook Live replay.

I believe that content marketing allows businesses & brands to reinforce their ‘secret sauce’ – by showing up to create the conversations that only you can create with your audience, you allow your audience to see you as an expert so you can guide them to the solutions to their problems (AKA your products).

Your content is your competitive advantage. Keep these lessons in mind as you position yourself to win.