Content Strategy Laser Session

Outline your content strategy in one document without having to hire an agency to plan, research and create content for your business so  you can  go from not knowing what to post online to being clear on how to create what will attract your target customer, even if you haven’t been successful at content after years of trying.

You know that  your audience needs your product, your content needs to be designed in a way that shows them they want it. Get one-on-one support to build your customized strategy that helps you attract interested consumers and  turn them into customers who invest.

Content that connects and creates sales doesn’t happen automatically;  it’s purposefully planned, created and aimed in the direction of your intended customer.

My Content Clarity Framework will help you define the valuable, relevant and consistent marketing messages to support your content strategy and meet your intended customers with the solutions they’re looking for. 

Content Marketing Strategy Laser Sessions include:

  • Concise framework to outline the angles of your total content footprint
  • Support to help you research your perfect customer so you can target them using your content 
  • Access to your session recording

Using your strategy as the foundation for your marketing activities, you’ll be more organized with your planning, creation and optimization of your messages and create more opportunities to present your offers to interested buyers.

Your completed Content Clarity Framework will help you:

  • Create your intended customer profile
  • Identify the ideal social media channels for your specific business
  • Identify which type of content your intended customer prefers
  • Plan topics to support your intended customer through the buyer’s journey
  • Create a content publishing schedule 

For your investment of $397 you can take advantage of your opportunity to receive customized content marketing support to help you achieve your business goals.

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