How to Take Your Own Professional-Looking Headshots

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“You’re a business owner, what’s up with the selfies on your website?”

Your headshot is THEE way to express yourself in a professional manner to your potential customers and clients, but are you financially able to hire a professional to snap your photos?

There are plenty of folks that will discover your social media profiles and/or website before they ever meet you face-to-face. While your online properties can function your unofficial employee, you can’t hide behind your computer forever. A perk of being an entrepreneur is the ability to connect directly with your audience. This means that your photos (at a minimum, your headshot) need to be on point. Take advantage of those opportunities to show a bit of your personality and what makes you unique.

The way your budget is set up as a bootstrapper, hiring a professional photographer might not be in the cards…so here’s what you’ll need to take your own professional looking headshots:


I chose the area in my house with the most windows and faced the backdrop toward the natural light because I didn’t want to use an artificial light source.


My camera that is set up on a tripod about 5 feet away from my backdrop with a mirror behind it so I could see myself in position from the camera viewfinder. What’s not completely shown in the first photo is a chair off to the side of the backdrop, that’s where I put the shutter remote after I activated the camera to take the photo.

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My camera is set on a 10-second delay so I had time to pose before the photo was captured. Check out the unedited photos below:

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As you can see, nothing too fancy, but it was important that my personality come through in these photos; I was looking to present business-fashiony-quirky….I’m happy with how these came out.

I’m working on a Part 2 of this post where I’ll share the tools that I used to edit and what I did with my photos. In the meantime, get your headshots updated! If you don’t have a camera you can use your smartphone, just make sure that it doesn’t look like a selfie.  Keep in mind what your potential clients and customers are looking for when choosing whom to follow and spend money with.

About my equipment –  with the exception of my dining room area you can find everything that I used online. For your convenience I’ve listed each item below with links.

Stuff I used:

Canon Rebel SL1 DSLR camera

LimoStudio Photography Light Studio (I didn’t use the lights)

CamDesign Wireless Remote

Full-length wall mirror

#BabyStepstoGreatness t-shirt

Remember all those people saying that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? Well people do that all the time, which is why your headshot matters. If you want to be treated as a professional, business-y type person, your headshot has to look the part.

We’ve officially removed your budget limitations as an obstacle…so you can go be Great!

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