Tips to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business

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Facebook groups are the not-so-new hotness.

With the decline in organic reach, the “pay to play” mantra of getting your content seen by more of your audience is frustrating  a lot of business owners. Joining groups seem to be the next logical step to connect with potential customers, right?

Well, that depends….



If most business owners are ONLY joining groups so they can sell more stuff, the group becomes just another spamfest full of selfish people, and I have a problem with that. You can read this blog post to get caught up on that….I actually shut down a group that I created in 2010 for that very reason, I couldn’t take it anymore.

The key to using Facebook groups to grow your business isn’t selling; it’s being helpful.

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Disclaimer: because I so desperately want you to stop screwing up in your success, the following tips will be delivered in a very direct and blunt tone. If you are extra-sensitive, stop reading this now.

Rules: learn ’em and follow ’em.  Breaking the rules is the easiest way to get yourself booted from the group, so please don’t be THAT guy/gal! If you can’t follow simple directions you probably have bigger than what’s going on in your business anyway…

Take advantage of opportunities when they’re presented. If you have a chance to introduce yourself and share what you do, why the heck wouldn’t you do it??? You might be an introvert and super-shy, but at some point you’ll need to: a) get over it or b) hire someone to do the networking and connecting for you. Why did you join the group in the first place?? If you’re not sure how to introduce yourself, read this post for tips on crafting your personal commercial.

Act like you have home training. Do you go into somebody else’s home, raid their fridge, put your feet up on the coffee table and talk obnoxiously about how great you are? That’s the equivalent of joining a group and posting your “buy my stuff” posts all the time. It’s very off-putting and nobody will want to support you, even if they actually need your product/service.

Get involved. If you only make an appearance in the group when it’s time to promote your stuff (if allowed), how will potential customers develop the Know, Like and Trust in you that actually inspires sales?? Remember, people are joining groups to connect with like-minded individuals, to build their networks and find the help they need. If you were in a room with these people you wouldn’t ignore the conversation until the moment somebody asks what you do, would you? Be authentically helpful, the only person that thinks you’re being super slick in disguising your sales pitch is you. Everybody else recognizes it, and decides that you’re not the person they want to do business with.

Stop thinking “right now”. I share content regularly to be helpful, to create conversations with you AND position myself as a valuable resource in the areas of bootstrap business development, blogging and social media for entrepreneurs. That takes time. There is NO WAY I could do that in 10 minutes, potential customers and clients won’t be ready to buy that quickly. If you’re thinking, “I need sales NOW”, keep in mind that to a buyer you look desperate…and customers are turned away from desperation.

Now that you know what to do in groups, sign up here to get your Facebook Groups Engagement Planner to help you keep track of what’s going on in the groups you’re in and follow-up with new connections!

As I’ve said about 900 times, social media is a tool that you need to be using to support your sales process, it’s not your everything. Use it wisely.

*BONUS TIP* Optimize your Facebook profile so as group members check you out for being SO awesome they can be taken directly to your business page(s).

Did I mention that I too have a Facebook group? Yep, it’s called Business Battle Buddies (because for an ol’ soldier like me, entrepreneurship is war..) and you’re invited to join! Click here to request access.

Now it’s your turn, go be great in those groups you’re in….including mine 🙂

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