Three Reasons Your Facebook Reach is Declining

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These days everybody with a business page is complaining about the reach and visibility on Facebook being in the toilet.

Preaching to the choir…

The truth is, we’re playing in Facebook’s sandbox, so we have to play by their rules. I believe it’s our job as entrepreneurs, small business owners, side hustlers, bootstrappers to  learn as much as we can about the platforms we use for our businesses.

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Why? So we can hack them, of course! (that’s coming later, I promise…)

For this blog post, let’s examine the some evidence:

reasons-facebook-reach-declining-moniek-jamesIt’s a SOCIAL network. Why did Facebook start in the first place? To connect Harvard students with each other…socially. What does that have to do with business? Nothing. Facebook’s goal is the delight the user, deliver a newsfeed full of the content that the user want to see so the user stays active on the platform – do you think that includes posts about your awesome widget? Probably not.

Everybody is sharing stuff. There are over 40 million active small business-owned pages on Facebook, and if those folks are smart, they’re sharing the content that fosters Know, Like and Trust in their audience. There’s no way all of that content can be shown in the newsfeed of every user, there simply isn’t enough space to do that on one platform.

They’re a business too. Question: why did you start a business? Underneath the lofty, noble reason to pursue your passion, your reason is making money, I’m sure. Underneath the social connection there is a desire to make money. Considering users can create their account for free, Facebook has to have an income producing activity – that’s where ads come in.

I actually remember the good ol’ days on Facebook when all of your fans saw everything that was posted in your page (sigh…). Even though those days are long gone I hope you’re not ready to give up because it’s still worth it to invest time growing your audience on Facebook. You simply won’t have access to the level of data about your fans on any other social media platform. Period.

Now that you’re up to speed on the why – click here to get access to a video where I share “Three Mistakes Small Business Owners Make on Facebook” – if you identify with these missteps you have an opportunity to make changes to help you win on social media. Simply enter your name and email and be escorted to the private video.

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We bootstrappers have to look out for each other, ya know?

To your Greatness,

moniek james