Four Things You Need to Know About Email Marketing

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In preparing for my #BabyStepstoGreatness Action Sessions I ask my mentoring clients if they have an email list. I don’t care what your business is or when you started, email marketing is the not-so-new hotness, you should be paying attention.

Social media platforms are getting hip to the monetization game for business owners, which means we will be charged more and more to connect with the people that follow us. SO, that means you need to circumvent (work around) social media and reach your customers in a different way.


Enter email marketing. Here’s what you need to know:

*Disclaimer: this is from my personal perspective of using Aweber* as my email marketing service

  • Detailed analytics – when you send an email to your subscribers, you receive data on open rates AND click rates (if you had links in the email), and you can re-send the same email only to the people that didn’t open a few days later. Social media doesn’t give you that….
  • Social media integration – you can integrate your email signup on Facebook (there an app for that), giving you one more email collection point.
  • Customized conversations – depending on the “door” that a person goes through to join your list you SHOULD tailor your emails according how that person meets your virtually. If somebody joined your list after buying your product, do you think they’ll want to receive an email selling that same product?????
  • More engaged folks – the people that have signed up for your email list actually want to hear from you, otherwise they wouldn’t have signed up! I consider “engagement” on an email to be a reply or a click on a link, and my engagement is always higher with email!

There are free email service providers, like MailChimp, that you can use to ease yourself into the habit of emailing folks and building relationships.

Don’t be scared, I know you can do it….so let’s get it done.





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