Don’t Have a Social Media Strategy? You’re Missing Out

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Do you know the importance of having a social media strategy?

So you own/operate an organization in today’s digital world and you don’t use social media…at all? You must own one of those businesses that doesn’t want to be discovered, doesn’t want to build an audience or increase sales, and that’s your prerogative.

However, if you want to be more awesome online, social media is THE way to go. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, etc., all of these platforms can be the foundation for your online existence. The key is applying focused intention to what you’re doing so you won’t end up frustrated, overwhelmed or ready to quit.

In the event you’re curious about some of the numbers, according to a Statista report, 79% of Americans has a social media profile this year, a 1% increase from 2018. Facebook accounts for one in every six minutes spent online and one in every five minutes spent on mobile. 1 million businesses worldwide were using Pinterest by the end of 2015. One in every three professionals in the world has a Linkedin profile.

The opportunities for any business to build an audience, nurture relationships and sell their products and services have never been greater. If you don’t have a strategy for social media, you’re missing out.

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Social media has made the world smaller. Never before have we been able to connect with people anywhere in the world with the ease that we have now. This means businesses have tremendous opportunities to build an audience. If you have the budget, the targeting options afforded through platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter make it much easier to advertise and attract interested customers. Also through these connections consumers expect to have access to companies; instead of calling a phone number, leaving a message and waiting for a response, these days customer service is being done through a series of tweets. Satisfied customers are returning customers.

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), what do you most think about? Your business website? Did you know that social media profiles also rank in search engines? If you’re creating content on your website and distributing through social media, you increase the likelihood of appearing higher in search engine results!

I believe that everything that you do to promote, advertise and sell your products & services should be backed by a strategy, and social media is no different. Invest the time to plan how your business will be presented online, because your potential customers and clients are definitely paying attention.

To your Greatness,

moniek james