Four Livestreaming Content Marketing Advantages

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In my opinion, content marketing provides the type of benefits for business owners that can’t be duplicated. If you’re taking advantage of this time where people are spending more time at home perusing the internet and you’ve decided that you want to ramp up your content, great.

I’d like to offer a suggestion: pursue livestreaming right now.

If you don’t want to watch the video, here are four content marketing advantages to using livestreaming as your preferred medium:

Differentiation – you may have noticed new businesses popping up in your newsfeeds and on other platforms right now, and I’d be willing to bet that some of them are “less than legit”. Set yourself apart from those AND add credibility by showing your face, this imparts a sense of trust & reliability because you’re not hiding behind your logo.

Branding – livestreaming allows you to position yourself as a trusted resource in your arena. Many businesses aren’t engaged right now, you can stake your claim in your lane by showing up in your live broadcasts.

Engagement – live video is the most preferred content type.  According to, 80% of consumers prefer to watch live videos from a brand than read a blog. Make no mistake about it, livestreaming it the way to go right now.

Remixability – if the idea of creating content for multiple platforms is overwhelming, livestreaming is the most strategic medium to start wth. When you begin your content creation & publishing with a live broadcast you can create every other type of content: video, gifs, graphics, text, etc.  

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When you consider that your content “speaks” for you anyway, why not leverage livestreaming to ensure that it’s saying the right things?