WARNING: You’re Losing Money by Not Creating Content

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“Content is everything. Everything is content.”

I’ve been known to say this to my one-on-one clients when they say there’s no time to create and publish content. In this saturated online marketplace, it’s much harder to stand out from among your competitors.

Your content is a 24/7/365 representative of your business. Every new piece of content that you publish creates another opportunity for an interested party to find you online. If you’re not creating any content, you’re losing money and don’t realize it. I know, you’re not on the bandwagon yet. You might be saying:

“But what if I don’t like to blog?” Do something else.

“I don’t have time to record, edit and publish videos.” Do something else.

“I’m not active like you are on social media.” Do something else.

Your content consists of your blog posts, videos, social media posts, emails, other pages on your website AND your products and/or services. You have options….all of which can be created and published for ZERO DOLLARS. Content marketing is free marketing, the investment is your time.

Content is everything. Everything is content.

The content that you create and publish should have an angle, it should be a direct link to a sale. The goal of the content is to turn a visitor into a prospect, a prospect into a lead, and a lead into a customer. As a business owner with a goal of making money, creating content for any other reason is a waste of time, in my opinion. Content allows you to build trust with your audience, and when people trust you, they will pay you.

You’re losing money by not creating content.

I recently did a live broadcast about the benefits of content creation, you can check out the abridged version below, and if you haven’t met my weekly co-host yet you’ll see her in action as well:

Content is lifeblood of a small business. Even if you have the budget to “throw money at your marketing” by paying for ads, you’ll STILL need to be creating content because consumers today are looking for more than the “Buy my stuff” commercials from back in the day. Get yourself in the habit of creating and publishing consistently. My Content Marketing Made Simple Email Series can help, click here and to sing up.

To your Greatness,

moniek james