Make Your Great Product Even Greater

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Wouldn’t it be nice to know what people are thinking about your product?

The only way to know is to ask. Customer feedback is important because it gives you insight on how you can improve your products/services to better serve your audience. You really shouldn’t be listening to anybody else regarding improving your products/services than the people that you intend use them….

[Tweet “Listening to your audience is the only way to provide a product that they will buy.”]

Capturing their feedback (and acting on it) guarantees that you’ll maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction by creating the product and/or experience they want.

So how do you make your great product even greater??

Happy customers are repeat customers.

Ask questions. On social media, on your website, at live events…anywhere you have contact with your customers is an opportunity to ask folks what they think about what you sell.

Surveys. I use surveys to get feedback from my one-on-one clients. Fear not, there are FREE survey tools to help you get started. Check out SurveymonkeyHively or Typeform to create basic surveys, and upgrade to a paid plan when you need to.

Testers. There’s no better way to get feedback on your physical widget than to place it in the hands of people that best represent your ideal customer and give them time to play with it.

Chances are you think your thing is awesome. You want to make it even more awesome, right? Solicit opinions about it, don’t take it personal and improve accordingly.

You just might gain a few customers in the process…

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