My Crazy, Mixed-Up Journey to Entrepreneurship

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Sooooo, I’ve recently come to the realization that I’ve never formally introduced myself! I come busting down these internet doors and start dishing out advice about entrepreneurship and haven’t told my own story!



I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2010; I started my first business, Distinctive Soirees, while working a full-time job for a government contractor. After about 3 years of working “in peace”, the time was approaching for the contract I was working on to be open for bids. These months of instability and uncertainty forced me to reflect on how hard I was working for the company (I took my Blackberry to DisneyWorld), I needed to work that hard to build something for myself!!! Hence, the business was born.

Fast forward 3 years, my family relocates from Georgia to southern Arizona…and I am instantly FRUSTRATED with the lack of local products and resources to take care of my fro. Sooooo, I start business number two, The Confetti Collective. We no longer sell hair care products, I’ll explain THAT shift in a later blog post.

Fast forward another 2 years, and I find myself having repeat conversations with fellow small business owners and entrepreneurs about how I run my businesses, how I’ve managed to work with the local hospital, how I “came out of nowhere”…. and business number 3 is born.

In case you’ve lost track, business number 3 is this one….the one where this blog post resides.

All of these businesses were bootstrapped and are in operation today, and my journey to manage all that comes with being an entrepreneur has inspired (one of) my official hashtags : #entrepreneurhacks. Without hacks I would’ve gone crazy a long time ago.

Believe it or not, I NEVER imagined myself as an entrepreneur; as a kid I always thought I would be a teacher. I wouldn’t trade this crazy ride for anything in the world.

But then again, I’ve been teaching people stuff ever since my first business was started; how to find vendors for your event, how to feel beautiful in the skin you’re in and how to build a business on your own terms.

I guess 4th grade Moniek knew what she was talking about 🙂

What has your journey to entrepreneurship been like? Is it all that you’ve imagined??

Here’s to your #BabyStepstoGreatness!