Renegade Creative Media Group (dba Moniek James) is a digital media brand that helps business & brand owners leverage content marketing and media to be visible, build credibility and get paid online. Our primary services include content strategy coaching & development, strategic planning and livestreaming. 

Moniek James is the founder of Renegade Creative Media Group, a coaching and consulting brand that provides digital marketing services to organizations, entrepreneurs and small business owners. Moniek is a consultant and trainer focused on the areas of content strategy, livestreaming and building digital footprints.

Why We Are Here

What We Do

Help hard-working, purpose-driven small business & brand owners leverage their brilliance to build online businesses.

*Every business should have an online component in order to expand its audience base, thus making it an online business.*

Awaken the Greatness in the people that believe in the power they have to improve their lives through business ownership.

*We believe Entrepreneurship is a path to Economic Empowerment – grab the tshirt here.*

Our Values

  • Integrity in Everything.
  • Pursue Excellence as a Habit.
  • Respect in Our Relationships.
  • Accept Responsibility for creating the Possibilities.
  • Disciplined, Intentional Action.
  • Be Creative and have Fun.