Periscope: Guide to Getting Started

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In my opinion, Periscope is the only remaining social network that is truly global. Even with a timeline for users, there is a way to circumvent the algorithm (without paying). 

This live streaming app came on the scene after being purchased by Twitter in March of 2015 and in a few short months had amassed over 10 million users. As enterprising, forward-thinking, visionary entrepreneurs, it’s our job to evaluate new platforms such as Periscope and decide how it can serve our businesses. I have yet to meet an entrepreneur that can’t use this app to advance their business, so allow me to acquaint you so you can start broadcasting for your business. You just need a plan for getting started.

Why Should You Care about Periscope?

I’m glad you asked…in my opinion this is the only truly global social media platform. I say that because users from anywhere in the world can see where live broadcasts are happening and jump in to watch. I’ve had viewers on my scopes from Russia, Switzerland, and other places all over the world. You don’t get that with the other platforms available right now.

Getting Started

  1. Create your account. You can sign up with an existing Twitter account (periscope-mapI chose this option) or with your mobile phone number.
  2. Upload a photo and edit your profile. If you sign up through Twitter, your profile pic will automatically populate (yes, you can change it..). It won’t get you anywhere to be anonymous on Periscope, if you have warrants and don’t want anybody to know who you are you should probably not bother with it. Otherwise, add a pic and complete your blurb. See this post for a quick & easy formula to tell people what you do.
  3. Check the map. You can literally see anywhere in the world where people are broadcasting from, in real time! Be adventurous, pick a continent, jump into somebody’s scope and start interacting!
  4. Find people to follow. As you poke around in other people’s broadcasts you’ll be presented with the option to follow. This will build your “TV Guide” (as I call it), which will show you recent scopes from the people you follow or those they’ve shared when you open the app.

A few more tips:

Hearts are how you show you care – these are similar to a like on Facebook, you tap the screen to give a broadcaster hearts, this shows that you agree with/resonate with/have some type of connection with what the broadcaster is sharing.

Don’t be a spammy jerk face – do not under any circumstances promote your stuff on somebody else’s scope; you can do your own broadcast for that.

Get a marathon mentality – Please don’t feel like you have to be on Periscope broadcasting and/or viewing broadcasts every minute of the day. You have a business to run, remember? However, you can set yourself up for success by incorporating a smidgen of strategy when it comes to your broadcasts. Create consistency and intention by tracking your scopes. Download your FREE 12-month scope tracker here and start planning your broadcasts for the next year.

I use a tracker (or planner, whatever…) to help me stay on my objective with my Periscope broadcasts and in the beginning, seeing my followers and hearts increase really helped me stay motivated to keep going…it still does.

See ya on Periscope!