Practice Your Way to Excellence

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In case you hadn’t heard me say this a thousand times already, I’m an Army veteran. I know for a fact that my experience being a soldier continues to help me in running my business on a day-to-day basis. The soft skills that I learned in the Army supports my growing business.

That said, I know that adding the entrepreneurial experience to the discipline, leadership, problem-solving, flexibility and technical skills from my time as a greensuiter. I believe that excellence doesn’t happen accidentally, it takes many hours of practice (Malcolm Gladwell attests that it takes 10,000 hours).

Running a business is hard. Running a mediocre business is even harder. You might not have military experience, and you might not be in the startup phase, but you can still train yourself to pursue Greatness every day. In the military community we say, “Train as you fight”

I talked about how Beyonce in her Coachella performance and Winter Olympic athlete Shaun White exhibit the “train as you fight” mentality. You can watch the Facebook Live video replay below.

When you have a plan to show up and execute with excellence (and win), you will take your training seriously. Practice excellence.