Productivity and Sleep: How I Get Things Done

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I’m an entrepreneur, I don’t need to sleep.”

I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” – Kirby Puckett

Being an entrepreneur, you’re probably said at least one of these one time before. When you’re building a business, it’s easy to skip meals, sleep, and even showers in the relentless pursuit of making your dreams come true.

But the fact is, if you’re exhausted you won’t be able to perform at the levels required to be excellent every day. I was recently featured in a podcast episode by Dream360.Tv- the guys were surprised to find out all that I do – so much so that the title of my episode is ‘Moniek James Does Not Sleep!“. I love it..LOL.

Don’t get me wrong – I am the classic Type-A entrepreneur; once my mind is set on something I’m going to do it and I will sacrifice almost anything to make it happen.

However, as funny as this title is, I don’t want you to think that not sleeping at all is a badge of honor. I enjoy the hustle as much as the next person, but I recognize that it’s impossible to bring my A game if I feel like crap. Making sure that you get enough sleep in each 24-hour period is vital, and if you have the flexibility you can get those sleep hours in and still be a superhero when you’re working.

I run on about 6-7 hours of sleep per day. I’ve grown to become a fan of naps since being a full-time entrepreneur – I have no issue with stepping away from the computer and shutting down when I feel tired. This is called polyphasic sleep – where you take shorter blocks of sleep instead of one longer period (like most people).

I usually get a burst of energy around 11pm once everybody has gone to bed, but if I’ve been up and busy all day, that second wind passes right over me…so if I have the opportunity to rest around 3pm I take it. An hour long nap during the day refreshes me so I can work late into the night/early morning.

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This isn’t something that I recommend doing every day, trying to push your body in this way could cause serious health issues. However if I’m working on a big project or have a tight deadline I will adjust my sleep times so I can be more productive.

This isn’t something that I TRIED to do; I just learned through trial and error that if I didn’t stop when I felt tired my work suffered. At the same time I learned that productive power naps can be a business owner’s BFF.

Remember that podcast episode I mentioned? Click the pic below to listen:

Dream360 TV


To Your Greatness (and productive sleeping),

moniek james