Scale Up Your Quarterly Business Plan

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Business planning is something that many business and brand owners have an opportunity to make time for. The day-to-day operations, social media, networking, and other items on the never-ending list of tasks make hard to plan for the future. If making progress on your plan for Greatness is a challenge you’re not alone. According to Daniel Prosser’s Thirteeners, 87% of businesses fail to execute their strategy.

That sucks.

A yearlong plan might be too much to handle, consider looking ahead in 3-month increments that work to support the annual mission.

A quarterly business plan is better than no plan at all.

If you have a goal to end this year in a better position than last year, I’ve got six ways to help you get your business plan for next quarter in order.

  1. Cut sling load. Tell the truth, you have people, places & things around you that you KNOW don’t add anything positive to your existence. You know that they’re toxic, bad for your health and distract you from taking care of business. So pull up your Big Person underpants and eliminate them. Then proceed to be Great.
  2. Collaborate instead of compete. Business is ALL about beating your competition, right? Wrong. Sometimes you can increase your bottom line while helping somebody else do the same thing. That’s called collaboration. Instead of instantly seeing similar businesses and your competitor, find a way for you to join forces to serve (and sell) on a higher level.
  3. Expand your experiences. Those smart people that you follow on social media and receive witty and insightful emails from on a regular basis have something in common: they seek out new information and experiences regularly. Broadening your horizon, get out of the box, dare to be different, all of these cliches have merit if you’re looking find more inspiration.

The video below contains 3 more ways to scale up this year, plus  a few additional takeaways:



Planning for an epic year is challenging, but it can be done. The Your Epic Year planning workbook can help with your business plan for next quarter and beyond,  you can grab it here for only $27.

To making this quarter a great one,