Four Social Media Myths to Quit Believing {New Business Owner}

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When you’re new to business ownership there are a lot of people giving you advice, particularly when it comes to marketing. When you’re getting started in your business it can be difficult to know which tips and guidance to follow. The world of social media moves fast and trying to keep up with the new technology can be overwhelming, and the facts are easily mixed up tall tales.

Four social media myths to quit believing NOW, especially if you’re a new business owner.

Myth 1: Only “the kids” do social media; your customers aren’t using it – this is a dangerous myth because businesses are literally missing their opportunities to engage with their audience and connect with more people. 85% of American adults are online, and 72% of the online users are on social networking sites. Everybody and their grandmother is using social media, and the data supports it – 43% of Americans 65 years old and above are social media users. These days social media equals internet. Your customers are most certainly social, are you planning to join them?

Myth 2: Social media doesn’t help you sell. This is another dangerous notion, because using social media channels helps build a wider group of prospects that can be sold to when the time comes. I recall hearing a so-called digital marketing consultant telling an audience of business owners that they shouldn’t sell on social media. That’s wrong! You can use your social channels to sell your products and services, just don’t go overboard.  Posting “buy my stuff” only online won’t help you make sales. Your social media profiles aren’t sales platforms – they’re relationship building tools, which beget sales.

Myth 3: You can’t do social media and still use email/radio/newspaper/etc. to promote your business. This is untrue because social media shouldn’t replace any marketing vehicle that garners a positive ROI for your business. As a matter of fact, social media should be used as a strong supporting player to your lead marketing activities. The goal isn’t to rely only on Facebook, or your radio spots or your newest billboard to attract customers and clients. All of these mediums should work together to accomplish your goal.

Myth 4: Social media isn’t measurable so it’s a waste of time. Well, by what benchmarks does one measure effective or successful? Likes on a post? Email signups? Website visits? The only way to know if using social media is “working” for your business would be to determine in advance what “working” means, because there’s no magic involved. The same way that targets are established for traditional marketing activities, the same should be applied to social media.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is – election, the big game, or a natural disaster – if the world is talking about it, a significant portion of that conversation is happening across multiple social media channels. The responsibility for those of us in business is to find our sweet spot and get in there!

In the words of the president of Cochise College, J.D. Rotweiler, “We don’t have time for idle thoughts or inaction”. We don’t. So let’s stop believing what isn’t true and get to work…our business is depending on us.

To your Greatness,

moniek james