Getting Started on Social Media – “Newbie Edition”

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Disclaimer – this article is specifically for those of you that find yourself being overwhelmed at the thought of doing as much online as a nerd like me does. You’ve probably read past articles and said to yourself, “That’s nice and I would love to do that, but this sounds like too much to take on.”

Are you a social media newbie? Here’s what you you need to know to get started.

I get it. Social media is its own universe with a unique language and “rules”. It’s enough to make anybody run in the opposite direction.

However, the worst thing that you can do as a business owner, public figure, or person with a message to broadcast to the world is to stay away from social media. This isn’t something that “the kids are doing”, your consumers, your constituents, your prospects, your peers, your competition are using social media for EVERYTHING.

Believe it or not, 62% percent of US adults get their news from social media per the Pew Research Center.  79% of internet users hang out on Facebook, and the number that visit the site every day is jumping higher each year.

Have I convinced you yet that you NEED to be on social media? Great, now let’s cover what you need to do next.

First, you need to determine an objective. Are you planning to join Twitter? Why? Does Snapchat look interesting? What will it help you accomplish? Before you dive in head first, establish your reasons for doing this. If you want to use Facebook to build an audience that will be interested in your upcoming book, go for it. Take some time to decide what you want to accomplish with your social media channels and keep that in mind when you’re ready to post, publish, tweet or snap.

Step 2 is your internal audit. Do you have the resources to maintain and update your accounts consistently? Social media is a noisy place, and the people that aren’t present on a regular basis are often forgotten. Ensure that you have the manpower (even if it’s you) in place to manage your accounts without interrupting your daily operation.

Next, you should keep in mind that social media complements everything and replaces nothing; so, work on integrating your online efforts into what you’re currently doing. Lastly, keep learning! There is always something new to explore in the world of social media. Stay open to new things and accept that change is a good thing.

If no one is talking about you or to you, there’s little to no chance for your business growth. Allow social media to be the amplifier that helps you reach more people.

To your Greatness,

moniek james