Social Media Opportunities & Responsibilities

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Social media is the great equalizer – small businesses and entrepreneurs are able to compete for the same audiences as the big guys. The opportunities to build an audience,   connect on a deeper level and attract customers are endless.

BUT, there are inherent responsibilities as well…there’s two sides to every coin.

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In order to take advantage of the benefits of using social media we as business owners have burdens that we bear simply because of the platforms we use. In the below video I talk about this the first step to crafting your social media strategy and how to connect and engage authentically online, among other things.

Check it out:


I definitely don’t want you to miss any of the benefits – but I do want you to take ownership of your share of the responsibility when using social media for your business. Your audience is judging your business against your competitor’s, make sure they see that you’re the business that they should choose to spend money with.

To Your Greatness,

moniek james