Three Things You MUST Have for a Successful Black Friday

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Consumers are expected to spend about $90 billion on holiday shopping, and every small business owner & entrepreneur should want to get in on some of that action! Large corporations and brands go hard for Black Friday, and they start planning early. As we move closer to kicking off the time of year when most small businesses earn 40-50% of their annual revenue, there are three things that every entrepreneur needs to have for a successful Black Friday.

Chances are you don’t have large budgets for your marketing, and the traditional doorbuster deal may not do much to boost your bottom line. That’s okay, you can still create your version of a holiday shopping frenzy for your business. I believe one of the advantages of being an entrepreneur is owning the relationship with your prospects and customers, and that relationship exists all year long. There are lots of things small businesses can do to stay relevant, keep sales brisk and maximize their holiday marketing campaigns. If you’re looking for Black Friday marketing ideas to get things rolling, make sure you include these three things:

Traffic – It doesn’t matter if you’re selling the winning numbers to the next Powerball drawing, if nobody knows about it, nobody will buy it. You’re going to need traffic. Paying for ads is always an option if your budget allows. If you plan to leverage organic traffic instead, creating content related to your sale (and promoting it often), is the way to go. Particularly on Facebook and Instagram, livestreaming can do a lot to boost reach and engagement.

Unrefuse-able Offer – After you attract the traffic, you’re going to need to make an offer they can’t refuse. Black Friday shoppers expect shock and awe, they’re looking for deals that will blow their socks off. Considering that you will be competing with every other brand that prospects follow, your offer should be something that inspires action, something that isn’t available any other time of year. If shoppers know that you’ll be offering the same 15% discount in March, they’ll be less likely to buy in November-December.

Multiple Buying Opportunities – If you want to maximize sales, maximize awareness. Leverage every customer relationship platform available to spread the word about your offer, and create multiple opportunities for people to buy! Between social media, website and email you probably have a wide segment of prospects – make sure they know what you’re selling!

You work hard building your business. The holiday shopping season presents a tremendous opportunity to get the return on your investment that makes it all worth it. My Money-Making Holiday Marketing Promo Plan blueprint is now available for only $27! Click here for more details and to buy the blueprint.