{VIDEO} Use What You Have….Even if You Don’t Have Much

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A major hurdle to achieving any level of success as an entrepreneur is a shift in mindset (yes really..). If you can’t see your business down the road you probably won’t ever get there….AND if you focus on the “big guys” and what they’re doing, you’ll become frustrated, lose your motivation and may even give up altogether.


When it comes to my business in the larger, global market I am very much a David vs. Goliath kinda thinker. (for those not familiar, David was the little guy that took down Goliath the giant…).


When David was faced with fighting Goliath, he wasn’t afraid. As a matter of fact, he was so enormously confident that he didn’t even acknowledge Goliath’s size, as the other soldiers had. He said, “Who is this dude anyway???” (I’m paraphrasing here.)

David use what he had (a rock and a slingshot) to slay Goliath.

What do you have???

I posted a very impromptu video on my Facebook page after having an epiphany moment when a chicken fast food commercial came on. I have talked A LOT about using video and social media as an entrepreneur to get myself in front of the business, because people buy from people, not corporations or abstract entities.

This chicken joint commercial has recently resurrected their spokesdude and is being as strategic as they can be with featuring that dude with his old guy charm in every single commercial. Clearly, they recognize the value of putting a real human face in front of the organization because PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE.

That’s where you come in.

You’re a real person, right? You operate your business, correct? That means you actually have an advantage over the large corporations that have hire somebody to be the face.


I break it down in this video, I invite you to watch:

Allow yourself to see the advantage in being a person that, more often than not, is making the product, posting on social media, creating the content and connect with your potential customers. You may not have much (compared to some businesses) but at this point in your business you have everything you need.

Use it responsibly :-).