Choosing Your Word of the Year

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I’ve never been a fan of setting New Year’s Resolutions, if there was something I needed to change about  myself I wasn’t going to wait until the first day of a new year to do it.

Resolutions have a tendency to be cookie-cutter, and don’t last very long. They’re easy to forget or to make excuses for not following through. This is why I decided to set a Word of the Year for 2017 instead.

My Word of the Year was something that I used to govern the steps I take in my business and unlock my own genius. My word helped me to make the best decisions for me that aligned with my goals, even if they appeared (to others) to be a waste of time.

My Word of the Year gave me a sense of clarity that allowed me to evolve and grow throughout 2017.

My Word of the Year for 2017 was (is) Visibility. By setting the intention of visibility over my year, I’m grateful to say that I’ve had the opportunity to do the following:

  • Attended the Super Bowl Player Networking Event
  • Keynote Speaker and Panelist for Digital Marketing Day
  • Training workshops for multiple networking groups
  • Kidpreneurship workshop for Women in STEM Event
  • Business Retention & Expansion Program Training
  • Intensive Weekend Training
  • Workshop Facilitator for Kidz Biz Konference
  • Multiple Corporate Training Sessions
  • Panelist for Leadership Sierra Vista Program
  • Taught Holiday Marketing Bootcamp…then turned it into an online course
  • Co-created 2018 calendar
  • Feature in a book with other women entrepreneurs

If you want to set your own word for the new year, I believe there are a few questions that you should ask yourself as you go through this process. Find out what they are in this video:

You might not have your 2018 completely mapped out yet, and that’s okay. But instead of following the same path as everyone else, choose your path authentically by setting a word that is tailored to EXACTLY what you want to achieve in the new year.

Click here to download the Word of the Year Discovery worksheet.

Your Greatness is waiting,

moniek james