{VIDEO} How to Be Your Own Publicist

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Publicity, exposure, attention…we entrepreneurs want all of these things for their business, don’t we?

In part one of this blog series I talked about the branding lessons that we could learn from “The Greatest”, the Champ, Muhammad Ali.  He was a master at branding himself before “branding” was even a thing in the business world. He was also very proficient in talking about himself (LOL), which made him a master publicist as well.

Speaking of publicity….journalists are always on the hunt for new, interesting content to share. We business owners are always looking for our chance to shine, our opportunity to tell the world about what we do.

There’s two ways to make this happen:  hire someone to do it for you, or get out there and be your own publicist.

Sounds nice, but what does a publicist actually do? Publicists do public relations.

According to the Public Relations Society of America, public relations is a: communications discipline that engages and informs key audiences, builds important relationships and brings vital information back into an organization for analysis and action.

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Doing the work yourself is hard, and hiring costs money (that you might not have right now). However, publicity is a MUST for any business, because the best-kept secret can’t get paid.

In and out of the ring the Champ told the story that he wanted to tell, in the way he wanted to tell it, and that opened doors for more opportunities to tell his story to more people.

In addition to branding himself he was also his own publicist.

You can do the same thing for your business, watch this video to find out how:


So, now that you have all of this awesome business-building information, what are you gonna do with it?

My suggestion is to share it with a biz bestie – friends don’t let friends be the best-kept secret.

To your Greatness,

moniek james