Brand Evolution and Facebook Masks: Should Snapchat be Worried?

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Today is a good day for an evolution.

Recently on Periscope and Facebook Live I talked about the importance of evolution, particularly for those business owners that may missed the mark on their goals. Instead of crying about it, choose to reset! As far as I’m concerned, not evolving equals dying – so as a business owner, what active choice will you make for your organization?

During the broadcast I shared 3 tips for orchestrating your own version of a business metamorphosis:

  1. Expand your business model – Netflix’s announcement that subscribers will be able to download their movies & TV shows to watch offline is an example, they’re widening the way they serve their customers
  2. Expand your appeal – What can you tweak/update/revise to position your business as a more attractive option for prospects? Thus could be something as simple as rolling out a new version of your logo, as I did in my other business.
  3. Leverage raving fans to guide your evolution – Are you stuck trying to figure out what you should do to improve? Ask your audience! Identify your biggest cheerleaders and survey them, ask how you could serve them better.

Watch the full Facebook Live broadcast here:

Facebook is doing their own version of an evolution; they recently rolled out extensions for Facebook Live, including filters, on-screen writing capability and masks. I discovered these options on my own account during a live broadcast in my Facebook group, the Bootstrap, Build + Launch Lounge. See it in action below:


With Facebook doing all this evolving that is clearly aimed directly at Snapchat, should Snapchat be worried? Is this your average, run-of-the mill competition that comes with the territory in businesss or do you think Facebook is a unapologetic copycat?

moniek james