Beat Content Marketing Imposter Syndrome With One Mindset Shift

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Do you sometimes feel like if you were to publish more content online you’ll be exposed as a fraud?
Are you worried that you’re not the expert so you can’t possibly have anything to offer somebody through your content?
Do you feel like you’ve said all the things and there’s nothing left that anybody would find interesting?

You could be dealing with imposter syndrome. When it comes to content marketing, consistency is a must. In order for content marketing to give you the business boost you’re looking for, you have to create and publish.

But when imposter syndrome shows up, it causes you to question your abilities. Imposter syndrome is defined as “a psychological pattern in which one doubts one’s accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

Any business owner will find it difficult to write blog posts, record videos, do live broadcasts or create any type of content if they don’t believe they’re good enough. This is why it’s so important beat content marketing imposter syndrome for good, and in this Facebook Live replay I’m sharing the one mindset shift that you can make in order to do it.

Here’s the spoiler: instead of being the hero, be the guide.

Decide today that you won’t allow your content marketing efforts to be hindered by imposter syndrome. Don’t allow this thought pattern to keep you from showing up online. Your content allows you to stand out in a sea of competitors, establish credibility and be paid for the value that you offer to the world.

Get out of your head and get your message out there to the people that need it.

Consumers are searching for answers to their problems online. When you know the value of your offer to creating transformation for your people it’s important that you beat content marketing imposter syndrome for good.