Getting Started with Facebook Video

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According to a 2016 Cisco study, online video accounts for more than 80% of online consumer traffic. Facebook recently hit 2 billion monthly active users and racks up about 100 million hours of video viewing time.

At this point, getting started with Facebook video should DEFINITELY be on your list of things to do for marketing your business.

Once upon a time YouTube was known as the home of online video, but Facebook video has disrupted the atmosphere entirely. With the algorithm treating publisher content like a redheaded stepchild these days, it makes sense that marketers like you and me would be looking for alternatives to maximize our content.

Enter Facebook video. When you upload your video directly to Facebook (known as native video) the algorithm is more likely to place it in from of an interested audience. This means more more views, shares, and comments.

Before you dive head first into using video for Facebook marketing there are a few things you should know.

Watch the video below to learn how to maximize your Facebook videos for free:

Once you mastered using native videos on Facebook for consistently higher reach and engagement, you can leverage your content across multiple social media channels, unless you have time to create unique content for each platform…..

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