goal setting for entrepreneurs

How to Set Goals…and Succeed

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You’ve bought the planner, the fancy pens and you head to your favorite coffee shop for a planning session. You give yourself time to dream and you jot down the goals that you have for your future.

Then you finish your coffee and leave. You’re good to go, right? WRONG.

We all know the importance of setting goals, we participate in setting resolutions every year….yet we don’t follow through.

Goal setting is easy, goal achieving is hard. (If if were easy, we wouldn’t suck at it.)

Most people stop at the planning phase and end up frustrated when they don’t meet their goals. I’ve got the steps to get your from planning to actually producing.

How to Set Goals…and Succeed

PLAN – Decide what you want to do and where you want to go. This step is important because you’re able to dream and envision what you want for your life.

PROCESS – Your process fills in the inevitable gaps that will happen in your life to get step-by-step for achievement, force you to think through the HOW

PREPARE – put pieces in place to get started (purchase software, move furniture, pay for gym membership)


I’ve talked about this via livestreaming on my  Facebook and Periscope profiles, you can watch the condensed version below.

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