Leverage Livestreaming to Boost Your Local Business

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Do you know how to leverage livestreaming to Boost your local business?

Do you own a brick-and-mortar store and think livestreaming is something “the other guys” do?  You couldn’t be more wrong. All businesses, especially local businesses, should be leveraging livestreaming to stay relevant and keep shoppers coming through the doors.

Livestreaming is THE newest way to get your message out to the world, increase awareness and sell more of your products and services. During a live broadcast at a women’s boutique, I chatted with the owner about how she grew to understand the power of Facebook Live and leverage livestreaming for her local business.

In this video, she shares her initial apprehension of livestreaming, and how she overcame her concerns in order to get started. Also included are a few additional gems:

  • giving her audience what they want
  • what to do before you go live
  • consistency
  • using livestreaming during events
  • how livestreaming affects her bottom line

We talked about “ghost” viewers and why it’s important to keep hitting the broadcast button even if it looks like nobody is watching.

Click below to check out the video:

Including livestreaming into your social media strategy is a must if you want to win in business. Add the fact that it’s FREE, and you have a powerful marketing weapon for your business….all you have to do is use it.

Grab your copy of my planning workbook to help you grow your business with livestreaming, because this marketing tool isn’t going anywhere anytime soon…..

To your livestreaming Greatness,

moniek james