Four Tips to Push Past Your Business Plateaus

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Is your business stuck? Do you feel like you’ve stalled or hit a ceiling in your growth?

Been there…will probably be there again.

Hitting a plateau in your business comes with the territory – but you can overcome them. There are the decisions that you make every day, the industry, the market, the man, any number of factors can choke your growth. The thing is, we don’t want to broadcast the fact that our business isn’t doing what’s we want it to do. We keep it quiet, put our heads down and try to soldier on.

Is there some type of “plateau test”? How are you supposed to know for sure if your business has stalled? Aside from recognizing what the business is doing (or not doing), pay attention to what’s going on with you as well. You might be experiencing any/all of the following:

  • All the feels – you might be bawling one minute and punching a wall the next
  • Frustration – you’ve done everything and nothing is working
  • Lack of clarity – you literally don’t know which way is up because you’re so overwhelmed
  • Anxious – do I need to explain this one?

All of the books tell us that “business isn’t personal”, but this is the thing that we built! How can it be anything but personal?

So what are we supposed to do? In this video I share the ways to push past your plateaus:



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