Overcome Self-Doubt with Self-Awareness

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Every entrepreneur deals with self-doubt as some point, and I believe self-awareness is the key to overcoming it. Becoming self-aware requires you to evaluate yourself objectively and TELL THE TRUTH.

You’ll have the opportunity to discover the things that you’re great at (your strengths) and admit the things you’re not so great at (your weaknesses). Once you’re familiar with the two areas, you can get laser-focused on the strengths and outsource the rest.

When you’re running your business your followers, your audience and the people you want to connect with you have an expectation: that you’ll show up in the fullness of your leadership.

You’ll be peacocking where ever you go to represent your business.

But when you have self-doubt you can’t do that – you can’t show up in confidence of your genius b/c you’re not clear on what your strengths & weaknesses are.

You might be confusing. mixing up your zones of genius and the areas where you need improvement. 

You don’t know that if it doesn’t impact the transformation that you’re offering through your product, your audience doesn’t care.

They don’t care.

Your responsibility as the leader of your brand/business/platform/audience is to be confident in what you’re selling, TRULY confident because if you’re faking it that’s going to come through in your marketing (you might skip this altogether), your conversations (you’ll avoid going to places and talking to people) and your revenue (you won’t have any).

Evaluate yourself and KNOW that you are the genius in your lane – unless you discover and admit to yourself that you’re not as educated in your lane as you should be, then you should start learning.  

Self-doubt has no place in your business if you expect it to grow. Be honest with yourself, lean into your strengths and operate fully in the confidence of what you bring to the table.