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Social Media Content Ideas for Service-Based Business Owners

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When you’re running a business your content helps prospects and customers build Know, Like and Trust and learn how to get the most out of your company.  Particularly when we think about social media content, it’s often related to product-based businesses and focuses on highlighting the product itself. (Think about the last TikTok video you watched that showed you how to use something in a new way….)

So when we think about service-based businesses, the value of content marketing isn’t often considered, which means missed opportunities to build awareness, build credibility, engage with potential customers, or retain existing customers. Keep reading for four of the best social media content ideas for service-based business owners.

The first content idea is testimonials. If you struggle with finding the right words to say to connect with your audience, allow your existing customers and clients to say it for you. User-generated content (UGC) is brilliant social proof because potential customers have an opportunity to identify with past customers and see themselves in their experiences. You also get to plant the idea that people are already buying from you, which creates a sense of FOMO, or fear of missing out. You can see how I put client testimonials to work here.

As a service-based business owner your work probably involves direct interaction with the people you serve, so sharing your business birth story and your learning journey adds a layer of credibility to your offers. In the online world it’s easy for a person to pretend to be something they’re not, so don’t be shy about touting your unique combination of experience, education and skill. Sharing what you’ve learned along the way shows that you can be a pain reliever for your intended customers. I talk about documenting instead of creating often, this video uses Netflix and Beyonce as inspiration for how to do this and this video was inspired by a fellow entrepreneur. Both are worth watching if you’re figuring out how to avoid content overwhelm in your business.

Who’s on your team? Highlight the people who help you support your customers and clients every day. Adding a human face to your brand creates connections that aren’t possible when you only talk about your product. Service-based business owners have the luxury of “touching” every customer, so give people an idea of who they can expect to interact with once they invest with your business. Sharing behind-the-scenes content is good for fostering connections as well, and don’t be afraid to get creative, like I did in this Instagram post.

If your business creates some type visual transformation, sharing before and after content is incredibly powerful. No matter what industry you’re in, social media users love to see the astonishing results of how a person, place or thing has been changed as a result of working with you. If your business isn’t visual at all, turn your testimonials into graphics, and make it ‘real’ by including your client’s face and name.

When it comes to effective social media content ideas for service-based business owners, there’s no one-size-always-works-for-all solution. It’s important to listening to you audience, learning from them and tailor your messaging to speak directly to their interests and needs. Regardless of how you choose to deliver your content, the goal is always to provide value in a way that’s meaningful to the people who follow you online. Even if your product isn’t something that can be held in a customer’s hands, there is opportunity to position your service-based business as a trusted resource while preparing your audience to buy from you. Allow your social media content to help your business grow. 

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