Best of the Blog: My Top Posts of 2016

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It’s the end of the year, woo hoo!!!! You might be reflecting on your accomplishments over the past 12 months, evaluating where you stand today and making plans for the coming year.

Part of my business planning process is to look at past blog posts to see which ones got the highest amount of traffic, numbers of clicks and shares.

So I’ve compiled them in one place for you!

Check out this expertly curated list of my best #BabyStepstoGreatness, top blog posts of 2016:

How to Take Your Own Professional-Looking Headshots – taking my own headshots was something that I’ve always wanted to try. I’m nothing close to a photographer, I just know enough about my camera to be dangerous..LOL.

Dear Entrepreneur, Motivation Doesn’t Matter – this post was inspired from witnessing conversations between entrepreneurs losing motivation. It includes a snippet of a live broadcast from Periscope.

Generate Passive Income through Infoproducts – passive income is the Holy Grail in the online entrepreneurship world. After getting repeated questions about the whys and the hows, this blog post was born.

Social Media Trends to Know About for 2017 – I have a biweekly column in my local newspaper, The Sierra Vista Herald. This post was inspired by writing the article and doing a subsequent live broadcast.

Evolve or Die: Is It Time to Pivot? – Evolve or Die!

Need More Customers?? Boost Your Business with Live Events – my first business was/is an event planning/management company. Even though I take a VERY small number of clients every year, I personally use events as a way to build exposure and attract clients and customers for my businesses. If you don’t think events are the way to go for you, read this.

Three Reasons Your Facebook Reach is Declining – for many entrepreneurs, tackling Facebook is like Everest..we look at it, we’re amazed by it’s majesty and determined that we’re gonna beat it! The key to beating it is understanding it, this post helps you do that.

If You Can’t Outmarket, Outserve – hey there, bootstrapper, do you have a ton of money to pay for the same amount of advertising as the big guys? Didn’t think so. Instead of trying to outmarket those guys, serve better.

Bootstrap Business Lessons from Beyonce – do I really need to explain this one? Just read it.

No Competition? Here’s Why You Should Find Some – I ask every one-on-one client that I have about their competition. I felt the need to explain why I ask that question in this post.

So there you have it, my top blog posts of 2016. Now here’s a question for you: what would you like to learn more about next year? I’m working on blog topics, let me know in the comments!

To your Greatness, Happy New Year!
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