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My Top Five Live Broadcasts of 2020 (So Far)

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We had grand plans at the beginning of this year, didn’t we?

After creating our 2020 vision boards and setting goals that challenge our limits and help us achieve greater results, we embarked on a journey filled with clarity of vision (because you know, 20/20) and decided that THIS would be our best year in business.

We planned to exceed our entrepreneurial dreams by creating stellar content and finally be consistent on social media while serving the world with our Greatness.

Everything was going to be amazing this year, then a global pandemic hit….followed by a global reckoning after the publicized death George Floyd, an unarmed black man in Minneapolis, at the hands (knee) of police.

Life is a LOT right now, and it’s hard to think about what the future will hold for our businesses. It’s completely understandable if you’re struggling to figure out the way forward and feeling overwhelmed.

So when looking forward is difficult, what’s wrong with looking back? I recently did my own livestream inventory during a strategic planning session to map out the rest of my year, and I revisited some of my top livestream broadcasts to help with my content planning. You can watch the replays of those livestreams below.

My Top 5 Live Broadcasts of 2020 (So Far)

Once the pandemic hit my state and the lockdown went into effect I started thinking about what I could do to help the small business owners in my community that were being hit hard and may be losing income. Over the years I’ve taught workshops for different organizations and decided to record some of those trainings and make them available for free. I talked about the Community Training Hub in this broadcast:

Seeing posts online where people were sharing their emotional and psychologic struggles from the quarantine prompted me to reach out within my network to find a mental health professional to speak directly to my community of entrepreneurs. I chatted with The Superhero’s Therapist about her work supporting business owners on their mental health journeys.

As the worldwide conversation around systemic racism and police brutality bubbled up, the conversations I was having with business owners was frustrating. I kept hearing entrepreneurs say, “I’d rather not deal with this, it’s too hard to talk about it”. This broadcast was inspired by my frustration:

I live in Arizona, snakes live here too. One of my entrepreneurial superpowers is finding business lessons in practically any situation/experience, including when I happen to kill a snake. I’ve done a snake killing lesson here and again here. The more recent snake situation happened during the lockdown and I talked about it here:

When I launched this business one of my goals was to create multiple streams of income while leveraging technology. When the platform that I use for my online courses and my digital products (like ebooks) offered a lifetime deal, I shared it with my community. I think the current deal is $10/month.

Listen friend, it’s totally normal (and understandable) to feel like there are no options right now, you might feel like you can’t recover. I’m here to let you know that you CAN do this, everything that you dared to envision for your business is still possible.

What you want wants you. If looking ahead is challenging right now, try looking back to remember how far you’ve come.

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