{VIDEO} Do You Know Why You Need a Why??

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What’s the why for your business?

As a business owner you’ve probably heard and been asked that question a bunch of times…but do you know why you need to have why??

Your why is your buffer, it’s the thing that protects you from the cold, cold world ad insulates you in a bubble of motivation and optimism…and it’s not money.

Making money your why sets you up for disappointment because you won’t always be earning¬†money…you won’t always have an overflow of customers, so you need something else to keep you on task.

If you don’t have a non-monetary why for your business, do you know how to find yours?

Watch this video to find out the four questions you need to ask to help you uncover your why:


Now I’m curious, what’s your why?


To Your Greatness,

moniek james