Three Reasons to Bootstrap Your Business

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Do you ever wish that someone would just hand you a bag full of money to invest in your business? I know, most of us that are building our businesses piece by piece, little by little would love to be given a large sum of cash to do with what we please.

But alas, it hasn’t happened yet…so we wear the Bootstrapper Badge proudly. We endure late nights and early mornings, learning, growing and achieving our goals one step at a time. There’s a sense of pride that comes from building something from nothing, and personally, I think that there are some advantages to being a bootstrapper. I recommend it for anyone that is starting their entrepreneurship journey, here are three reasons to bootstrap your business:


Bootstrapping forces you to look before you launch. Remember that absent bag of money? Well not having it forces a sense of caution and strategy before launching anything. Not having money to waste usually makes one want to be 100% sure their idea is a good one that people will pay for.

Bootstrapping forces you to get/stay creative. When Cinderella’s stepmother didn’t buy her a dress and shoes to wear to the ball, what did she do? She got creative, and still managed to make it to the ball and win the heart of the prince. You may not feel like Cinderella right now, but I guarantee that you’ve had to think outside the box when it comes to getting things done. Hold on to that creativity, it’ll take you places…

Bootstrapping forces you to appreciate the journey. Do you think Cinderella would have appreciated her time at the ball as much if she hadn’t experienced what she did to get there? Once you’ve reached your desired levels in business you’ll appreciate the journey SO much more because you fought so hard to get there.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for choosing a business-building journey of struggling, BUT I don’t believe that bootstrapped businesses (or their owners) are any less awesome than the businesses that seek and receive funding.

For some, being a bootstrapper is a choice. For others it’s their only option.

Regardless of the reason, there’s value along the journey; and I would even argue that the experiences are priceless 🙂

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