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Four Step Content Marketing Planning Process

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If have a blog, YouTube channel or post about your products/services on social media you’re not planning in advance, you are behind the curve of power. Content marketing planning doesn’t have to be a chore; having a process to follow repeatedly can save you valuable time. Here is my simple four step process, I hope it helps!

  1. Pay attention – what comments or questions are you getting from your readers and on social media?
  2. Post where your audience exists – don’t bother planning content to post on Twitter if your potential customers aren’t there; invest your time planning for the platforms where your audience hangs out
  3. Think small and big – the purpose of sharing content is to showcase your expertise, right? Make sure you do that by focusing on your niche/industry, resist writing a blog post about the most recent pop star to go to rehab if that isn’t your industry. HOWEVER, if that pop star’s rehab facility is also known for something related to your specialty , tie it into your content  for a engagement/reader boost.
  4. Organize and schedule – use an editorial calendar to plan and track your posts, and determine ways to tie pieces of content in with others to create a concierge feel for your readers/viewers.

Watch the complete (relatively unedited) Periscope replay video about this topic, I actually mention several of my favorite #entrepreneurhacks for social media and content creation!

Get out of “react” mode and plan your content! When the mood strikes you to do/post something outside of what you’ve planned, it’s a bonus!!