What is a Customer Avatar and Why Do You Need One to Be Successful With Your Content?

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Content marketing is a great way to increase user engagement, establish your thought leadership and promote your products and services. But if you’re not targeting the right audience with the right messages, you won’t be able to reach your desired results. A primary component of content marketing is identifying who your intended audience is before producing any content, and in order to do this effectively, you need to have a defined customer avatar.

What is a Customer Avatar?

An avatar is a term originating from Hindu culture that refers to an embodiment of a spirit. Today, the term is most commonly used in the context of animation and refers to the main character or protagonist of a story. In terms of marketing, it refers to a fictional character, created by a company to represent its ideal customer. Your customer avatar is a representation of the person that your product best serves. In my work with clients, I use the term ‘intended customer profile’ because this depiction of the person that you’re inviting into a conversation is who you expect to serve.

How Do You Create One?

Creating an image of the real person who will be reading, watching and listening to your content and sharing it with their friends is one of the most powerful tools available to you as an online business owner. Creating your customer avatar starts with identifying the characteristics of the customer you want to work with. Think about the person who’s already done their research, is ready to make the investment AND pays their invoices on time. Dealing with them isn’t a nightmare, it’s literally the best experience you could imagine. The key is creating the environment that your ideal person will be attracted to. Using your content to highlight what you know about what they’re looking for, their motivations and how they would describe their desired results is the where the magic happens.

Why Do You Need One a Customer Avatar to Be Successful With Your Content?

Your customer avatar becomes the center of the universe for everything that you will create, and it doesn’t matter if whether you sell is a physical or digital product. When you’re thinking about the topics to focus on, the platforms or the channels too publish and how often you need to publish content revolves around this person. Creating a clear and defined customer avatar is the starting point of any successful marketing strategy, because it helps you understand your target audience more. When you understand who your customers are and what their pain points are, you can create better content and reach out to them in a more efficient manner. The more you interact with your customers in an authentic manner, the more likely they are to be loyal to your brand and recommend you to others.

The first step in creating content that delivers on its promise is understanding who you’re talking to. If you want to create successful, engaging, effective content for your business, consider the needs, wants and motivations of your customer avatar.

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