Why Content Marketing Matters

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“Nobody watches it anyway, there’s really no point in starting anything new.”

Somebody said this during a meeting about  a public access TV station that had spots available for practically anyone (within reason) to use.  As the ideas started flowing and the excitement began to increase, the air was essentially zapped from the room with this statement.

When people (like me) talk to you about starting a blog, posting content on social media consistently or even hosting a free event like this one, do you secretly think that it’s a waste of time??

Content marketing matters because it’s one form of marketing that can be created without spending any money AND it allows the business owners that choose to participate an opportunity to build awareness, establish credibility and offer products to sell. 

Content marketing matters. It matters a lot. . Allow me to explain…..

At the time of this post, I have published 55 blog posts, 16 YouTube videos and hundreds of Periscope broadcasts. Along with social media, these various avenues are a part of my content marketing strategy, but why on earth do I bother?

When I share valuable information and content that my audience resonates with I establish myself as an authority on that topic….folks know that I know enough about my niche to share information for free.

Doing this on a consistent basis fosters trust in my audience, they begin to rely on and expect me to help them learn something that they didn’t already know. On certain social media platforms, like Periscope, coming on every day attracts people to follow and watch my broadcasts.

The more they watch, listen and consume my free content, the more inclined they are to think of me when they need help with blogging, social media and bootstrapping their business. And when I’m ready to offer something for sale they trust me enough to know that I’ll deliver.

In a nutshell, the free content allows you to build an interested audience, that I can sell to later.

According to Hubspot, marketers who prioritize marketing efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI, so when are you gonna get that content marketing thing rolling for your business???

To Your Greatness,