Dear Entrepreneur, You’re Screwing Up Your Success

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Yep, I said it…’re messing up…and I want you to STOP IT.

The word ‘entrepreneur’ has become sexy these days, everybody and their brother wants to  start a business, and that’s AWESOME.

HOWEVER, a catchy name on a business card do not an entrepreneur make.

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Part of the reason I started this brand (which is different from a business, I have a video about the difference in the Bootstrap Buddies training series), was the mistakes I saw my fellow entrepreneurs make in their business.  Not to mention the ones I did business with that missed out on opportunities because they missed the mark.


I want you to WIN, so let’s run down how you may be screwing up your success…so you can fix yourself.

  • You don’t know how to say no. Stop saying yes to everything! Just because the vendor fee for an upcoming event is $12, that doesn’t mean you automatically need to be there. If the attendees aren’t your target market you’ve wasted and day AND $12. Every opportunity isn’t an opportunity for you.
  • Your word isn’t your bond. I understand that emergencies happen; the school calls or you get a flat tire. Outside of a short list of unfortunate events you should honor your commitments. If you say you’re gonna do it, do it.
  • You don’t have a plan. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else. (Yogi Berra said that.) Where do you want to take your business? Where do you want your business to take you? Operating with no direction gets you nowhere. Make a plan, and if you already have a plan, stick to it.
  • You don’t believe in what you’re offering. If this applies to you, in my opinion you should shut down right now. It’s one thing to work for someone else, not believe in the vision and collect a paycheck, but when you’re the boss and you don’t believe, you’re screwed. Your potential customers can discern your energy; your passion and enthusiasm about your product/service, or lack thereof, has the potential to attract or discourage sales.

I know my words may sound harsh, but this is serious business and I think it’s worth it for you to get the relatively unfiltered real deal. I do this because I want you to win.

Let’s decide to finally get serious about our business, shall we??